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 MAiD - New Reporting Regulations (10/31/2018) 

On November 1, 2018, the federal government’s Regulations for the Monitoring of Medical Assistance in Dying come into force.  A Guidance Document was developed by the Ministry of Health for practitioners in Saskatchewan, and the reporting forms in the CPSS Policy: Medical Assistance in Dying have been updated to reflect these changes. 

Who needs to report?
Physician and nurse practitioners who have received a request for medical assistance in dying in writing and encounter one of the six scenarios have an obligation to report certain information where MAID was not provided and where MAID was provided.


 Billing for Gender Reassignment Surgery (10/24/2018) 

The Saskatchewan Physician Payment Schedule (Section N preamble) states that gender reassignment surgery (GRS) is insured only if performed on patients for whom surgery has been recommended by an authority recognized by the Medical Services Branch.  The Ministry of Health is interested in expanding the number of Saskatchewan physicians serving in the role of recognized authority.

 If a family physician has an interest in serving in this capacity, the Ministry would like to discuss the current process with you.  Please contact Ms. Janet Jurcic, Senior Insured Services Consultant, and Ms. Denise Grad, A/Director Insured Services at 306-787-3475 or by email at janet.jurcic@health.gov.sk.ca or denise.grad@health.gov.sk.ca

 LINK provincial non-urgent telephone consultation service (10/19/2018) 
Have you tried this service for physicians?
LINK - Leveraging Immediate Non-Urgent Knowledge is a provincial physician-to-physician telephone consultation service that connects primary care providers to specialists to consult on pressing non-urgent patient health concerns. 

 STIs - Notice to SK Health Care Providers (10/4/2018) 

 CPSS Annual Report 2017 now available online (9/8/2018) 


 2017 Annual Report
 We hope that you will enjoy learning about the College’s activities in ensuring the College’s mission to serve the public by regulating the practice of medicine and guiding the profession to achieve the highest standards of care! 


 DocTalk 2018 - Issue 2 (10/9/2018) 

DocTalk 2018 - Issue 2 features articles on: Physician Engagement; the Proposed CPSS Education Session; Resident Prescribing; Gabapentin & Overdose Risks; Indigenous Wellness; the Saskatchewan Hub Tables Council Elections; Kendel Award Nominations;

... and much more!


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