The Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals has advised of the immediate operating permit suspension for Dewdney Drugs (1986) Ltd, located in Regina.  The pharmacy has been closed until a licensed pharmacist in good standing is practicing in the pharmacy.  Suspension Details 
Message to Regina Pharmacies

Dewdney Drugs had several prescriptions that had been filled and were awaiting pick up; unfortunately, there were few phone numbers to contact patients.

Patients will be unable to access any medication which was filled that they did not pick up from Dewdney Drugs prior to its closure on May 2, 2019. It is also not possible to transfer prescriptions from the pharmacy as the required information needed to transfer a prescription cannot be obtained from a licensed pharmacist on the premises of Dewdney Drugs.  In addition, SCPP believes that the information in the Pharmaceutical Information Program may not be accurate.

This situation will require pharmacists to assist patients in obtaining a new prescription for their medications by either contacting the practitioner on the patient’s behalf, directing the patient to contact their practitioner, or using prescriptive authority when appropriate.


Please note that for any narcotics or controlled drugs in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, a new prescription will need to be issued to obtain these medications from a different pharmacy, regardless of whether there were part fills remaining on the existing prescription.